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Another week of lockdown is over, but it isn’t over, but you can go back to work, but you can’t leave your house, but you can’t use public transport but you can if you need to. It’s been a confusing week in this new Coronavirus world, hasn’t it? There have been times where I haven’t known my left from my right, but one thing I do know for certain is that a conga line held together by a skipping rope is most definitely not social distancing. 

I’ve spent a lot of my week analysing just how far I am stretching myself. Don’t worry, we won’t go deep with this weeks column, but I thought it was important to just throw a little quip in about the importance of knowing your limits. When it comes to work, we need to ensure that we balance it perfectly with the need for downtime and socialising with our friends. In romantic partnerships, there is often a battle for control, and it’s about accepting that there are two (or sometimes more) people with their own lives to balance perfectly. Life is one big juggling act, and this week I have been learning how to make sure my balls stay in perfect rhythm. 

I caught up on Secret Celebrity Drag Race this week, and I have to say that I am loving it. It’s refreshing and puts a new take on an old recipe. That is not throwing any shade at Ru, but I can’t help feeling that the latest mainstream season is….tired.  I think the last episode I watched was Snatch Game, and even that took a lot of energy. I don’t know if it’s the controversy that clouds this season, or if I’m getting a little restless over the same, repetitive format, but I cannot bring myself to continue watching the season. I think I’ll be taking a break for now. It’s not them, it’s me, I think? I hope I’m not the only one here?! 

Elsewhere in the wonderful rainbow world, the sad, but not surprising news that Manchester Pride has been cancelled landed on our Twitter feeds. We knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less hitting does it? Manchester Pride will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first ‘proper’ Pride that I had attended. It was where I got to reconnect with university friends whilst making some new incredible friendships along the way. It was where I got to see my favourite artists perform for the first time. Where I felt the sting of daylight robbery as I handed over five pound note after five pound note in exchange for one cider and very little change. Laura, who if you didn’t know, is my friend soulmate, came last year and we managed to create some of our favourite memories. One of which, is lying in bed, faces full of glitter at two in the afternoon, laughing until it hurt over absolutely nothing. Yes, Pride is such a special place, it’s safe, it’s exciting and it’s home. But, if there is a positive spin to all of this, then it should be that Pride season 2021 has to be one to remember. We have a whole year to catch up on. 

Please tell me that I am not the only person who gets so excited to tell their friends about a new potential romance blossoming and then three days later when they ask for an update I’m full of ‘erm, never mind’ ?? Someone asked me on Twitter yesterday if the boy who is 180 minutes away is still on the scene or whether he had taken a nose dive into the mounting pile of my failed endeavours. I can confirm that he has not taken a nose dive just yet, but when he does you’ll be the first to know. Earlier this week, I was on a conference call where we were talking about potential projects in the pipeline. When I turned down an offer to be part of an online dating in lockdown series, I was told that the email requesting my participation opened with “We couldn’t think of a more single person on the internet than Daniel Coole”. Yes, I am still applying ice to that burn. I once again want to stress that I am really trying to find somebody who will tolerate me for more than a month without ghosting me or finding somebody else. Here’s hoping 180 minute boy comes through, because I’d quite like that. 

Before I leave you this week, I must ask if you have undertaken the journey of catching up with How to Get Away With Murder? I only ask because this week is the finale. The end of it all. I am actually gutted to be losing such an incredible show, but I am so excited to see how everything ties up in a way that I think only that show can achieve. 

And so, we’ve come to the most important segment of the column. I am really enjoying seeing you listen to the music I suggest. I can finally tell my mum I have taste after years of her looking at me with a confused look every time I take over the car stereo. I present to you Christine and The Queens. Yes, many of you will know of her song with Charli XCX, or perhaps you are already a fan, but, and I cannot stress this enough, the work produced is absolutely phenomenal. Not only is she singing in a perfect mix of both French and English, her performances usually involve a performance group, as apposed to dancers. She tells a story, she sings about gender, about fitting in, about sadness and about love. Earlier works including Titled and It are breathtaking and Doesn’t Matter was a song she wrote for herself to listen to whenever she was hit with a wave of depression. I could sit and list the full back catalogue, because every song is a piece of work, but instead I just ask that you listen. 

Until next week, my friends. 

Stay inside, but go outside, but go to work but work from home. 

Love you,

Dan x