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In a week where the world shut down, and Canal Street lay empty, the feeling of community has never felt so alive on Twitter. It’s been incredible to see everybody interacting with each other, bringing people up who are maybe struggling with the current situation, or just providing a short blast of comic relief. If you know who I am, then you will already know that I will forever champion a  closer community who support every single person within its walls. 

If you don’t know who I am, then my name is Daniel Coole and I usually make mental health content on the internet. The guys at BadWearDay have been longtime internet friends of mine, and when they asked me if I wanted to create content for the new (and absolutely fantastic) route they were taking, I decided to step away from the mental health content and try my hand at a weekly column. Think Katie Price or Gemma Collins writing in Hello Magazine, only I’m not as funny, and I’m actually really boring. 

I have spent most of my week playing Animal Crossing. I say playing, but what I really mean is I have spent my week aimlessly wondering around an island on my Nintendo Switch, hacking down trees because I am still sulking that I was burdened with oranges, possibly the most boring of fruits when the likes of peaches exist. I could have made so many references to my new found love of bottoming, but alas, I must try and make orange puns work instead. I also hate my island layout, I placed the shop on the opposite side of the island to my house and I have spent an hour or two wondering why as I make the eternal trek to sell some turnips. 

On Tuesday, I took the rather impulsive decision to shave my head. Yes. I have become one of those gays. It wasn’t because I saw everybody else doing it, I promise. If we rewind to February, me and my brother threatened to shave our heads together, because we both wanted to know what we would look like with no hair (our dad went bald 28 years ago). Fast forward to the current lockdown, and I realised that there is no time like the present. I don’t have any important events, I don’t have any upcoming meetings or dates or hookups or anything else that requires my hair to look flawless (reader: it never looks flawless). If it was to go disastrously wrong, the only people that would be able to laugh at me are my parents, and the rest of the world who see me on a daily basis across many social media platforms. I’ve done the bleaching, a little too much in fact, as my hair was also frazzled from the constant bleach and grey box dye that have been gracing my life for many months now. So, it felt like the time was right. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it, in fact, I have embraced the idea that for the foreseeable I will look like the lovechild of Thomas the Tank Engine and the moon emoji. But take it from somebody who did it, if you are thinking of shaving your head, really think about it first. What I will say though, is that you all look incredible with your new dos, it’s nice to see you find new ways to express yourself and wear it with confidence. 

Bleached hair was a check before lockdown, shaved head earned its checkmark earlier this week. I set up an alt account, too. The only thing I am missing is baking some banana bread, and then I believe I have completed all tasks, and therefore earned my Lockdown Gay badge. 

We cannot write this weekly column without mentioning the most incredible thing that happened to us all this week; Dua Lipa. The album is everything we needed at a time like this, a flawless masterpiece that has given us all a reason to keep going in social isolation, because we know that one day soon we will be sniffing poppers and dancing to every song with someone we just necked in the smoking area. We must however, take a moment of silence for those we lost this week. A rumoured Steps comeback was on the cards, it’s a Tragedy that we have to wait, however, we can only hope for a Summer (of Love) release. Gaga inevitably postponed Chromatica. I say inevitably, because for some reason it was an easy call to make from a fans point of view. If you are looking for some new music to vibe with during these times, then I present to you Banks. Many of you will know who she is, an iconic figure who deserves far more attention and streams than she currently receives. This week, she has been powering through and delivering us gifts each night, in the form of the Live and Stripped EP. Stripped back and live versions of songs from her three album reign as queen of the underrated. The full EP drops Friday, I highly recommend a listen. Her music makes you miss your ex whilst helping you get your anger out for said ex before drunk texting him to tell him that you’re completely over him, and finally, she finds a way to heal you heart ready to start the cycle all over again. Take it from someone who has been there.

Stay safe out there, our lives are pretty restricted and we are currently facing time away from our favourite faces who make everything okay. I understand that these times are unheard of, and that we have never had to experience anything like this in our lifetime, but if I hear the word unprecedented one more time, I am not sure if I will be responsible for my actions. The government not only lack the tests needed for our NHS frontline staff, but also seem to have misplaced the No. 10 thesaurus. Do you think we could do a whip round?

A massive thank you to all of you who are considered key workers during this time. From the NHS staff who are saving lives whilst risking their own each and every day, to the supermarket staff and delivery drivers who are making sure we have enough to keep us going. To the people with more intelligence in their left thumb than I possess in my entirety who are working hard behind the scenes on testing and vaccinations and trying to understand what is really going on.  You are all the true heroes of this pandemic, and we will forever be in debt to you. I shall raise a gin to you in the bath tonight. 

Orange you glad you read this article?

See, terrible puns. 

Until next week x 

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