Thotter Bakes: Salted Caramel Shortbread



So this time around we’re hitting the sweet tooth and quite honestly I’m fully on board the salted caramel train so what better treat than a shortbread to satisfy both urges. As a big fan of Bake-Off and the wonderful Tom Hetherington (the gorgeous Scottish architect from season 8) it was only right that I followed the recipe from his site, with tiny twist for good measure!

What’s in the mix?

All about that base:
– Plain Flour (200g)
– Cold butter cut into squares (150g)
– Sugar (100g)

Sticky and sweet (Caramel):
– Sweetened Condensed Milk (397ml)
– Salted Butter (200g)
– Sugar (100g)
– Golden Syrup (100g)

– Optional: Vanilla Extract (1tsp)
– Optional: Salt (A few pinches)

– Chocolate: Milk, Dark or a mix (240g)
– Optional: White Chocolate (50g)

The Tools

– Weighing Scale
– Mixing Bowl
– Mixing Spoon
– Electric mixer (preferred)
– Two bowls/plates
– Three pans (Two if you wash one halfway)
– Baking tray
– Sugar thermometer
-Clingfilm or piping bag (thin nozzle)

Step One

Set your oven to 180/160C fan and grease up your baking tray

Step Two

Pop all the base ingredients into your mixing bowl and blitz them til they look like bread crumbs. Press these into your baking tray and bake for 20-25 minutes until they’re just starting to turn golden brown. Then allow to cool.

Step Three (Caramel)

Pop all of the Caramel ingredients into a heavy bottomed pan and melt them down (adding salt at this point is optional depending on preference). Bring to the boil and then allow 7-9 minutes, until you can pop in your thermometer and hit 115C. Make sure to continuously stir the mix, you absolutely can’t leave caramel to itself! When it’s ready, pour it over your base mix and leave it to cool.

Step Four

Melt your milk/dark chocolate and white chocolate separately. The method I used was popping each in a bowl then sitting the bowl on top of a pan of boiling water. Wrap the white chocolate in a little cling film ball (or pop it in the piping bag).

Step Five

Pour the milk/dark chocolate over the set caramel. Working quickly, prick your white chocolate with a toothpick (if you’re not using a piping bag) and pipe lengths along the width of the tray. Turn the tray and run your toothpick perpendicular to the white streaks in order to feather the chocolates together. It helps to tap the tray on the worktop a few times now, to settle the top of the chocolate. Allow to cool.

Step Six

Leave everything to cool then cut it into portions and enjoy!

You can make these with out without salt, switch up the chocolate, or even add fillings to the caramel before you pour it (Tom suggests peanuts, crystallized ginger, pistachios and dried fruit as examples). Your sugar cravings will definitely be satisfied and honestly, its just a great treat.

If you test this one out be sure to let us know how it goes, give ourselves and the lovely Tom a tag for his delicious recipe!

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