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GURL: Introductions first, give us a couple of sentences about yourself?

Vangelis: I’m Vangelis, I’m a singer, born and raised in London and I’ve just released my first single ‘Throw Me’ 

GURL: So back in 2016 you were a finalist on a little show called The Voice, what was your experience like behind the scenes?

Vangelis: Very professional and friendly. You don’t spend a lot of time with your coach though and I did feel stressed at times, mostly because I wanted to do well so I put pressure on myself. But overall it was an amazing platform and experience for me. I just wish I enjoyed it more rather than worrying the whole time. The real hard work starts after the show, and I think it’s important to use that moment to help you further your career. 

GURL: You still gave amazing performances and it’s great to see the show has provided some opportunities for you already – with many more lined up no doubt!

GURL: It’s safe to say that your mentor was a fan given that you’re now managed by the legendary Boy George, has he passed on some of his wisdom to you?

Vangelis: I’ve learnt so much from working with George, we’ve actually become really great friends. The thing I like about George is there’s no bullshit, if he doesn’t like something he says it and I think in the past I’ve been afraid to do that but now I speak up. We’re both Gemini’s and are very similar in many ways but also very different which is nice because we don’t always agree! How boring would that be? When we’re working on songs together, we compromise a lot as we’re both control freaks but we do end up with something beautiful. To work so closely with such an amazing songwriter, is a great learning experience within itself.

GURL: Without a doubt it’s important to use your voice, we’re really pleased that George has helped you have the confidence to do that. It sounds like things are going well and (ironically) we fully agree, things can get stale quickly if there’s never an opposing view or opinion – gotta allow for that growth and chance.

GURL: Is there going to potentially be a duet in the future?

Vangelis: I’ve recorded a track with George which will be on my debut album!

GURL: Well colour us excited for that!

GURL: You’ve recently released a fabulous track called “Throw Me” – what’s the inspiration by the lyrics?

Vangelis: “Throw Me” is about searching for love online, trying to find that perfect person who will sweep you off your feet. Because dating apps are such a big part of LGBTQ culture, I thought it would be fun to to set the music video in a classic cult horror universe – with a modern twist – as a way to explore the colourful and exaggerated characters you can come across online. I wanted to make the video as gay as possible…why? Because there isn’t enough of it in the music industry and who doesn’t want to see men expressing their sexuality! 

GURL: Well online dating can truly be a horror so it’s a perfect concept for a music video and you’re absolutely spot on, we need more representation and expression for the community. Here’s the stunning video:

GURL: As big drag fans we immediately noticed the beautiful Veronica Green making a cameo, did you know her prior to filming?

Vangelis: I know Veronica (Kevin) very well, I’ve been dating her brother (who also does does drag) for 9 years now. Throughout the years we’ve always helped each other out. She sang background vocals at my show at Wembley Arena a few months back and I helped her film her drag race audition tape. It’s fun to be surrounded by creative people and be supportive when you can. 

GURL: We can’t deny we’re a little jealous, she’s a very talented queen and it seems like you make for a fabulous little trio with her brother being involved too.

GURL: Is drag culture something you follow closely and if so, which artists are you living for right now?

Vangelis: It is, I mean I’m not a crazy fan who’s messaging all the queens…but I appreciate talent. I still love Bianca Del Rio, I saw her a few years back, the way she can hold an audience doing stand up comedy for 2 hours straight is incredible.

GURL: Neither are we…..*cough*….just gonna delete a few dms, nothing related to the question. We love Bianca too though, seeing her live is a wonderful experience, there’s a good reason she’s so successful.

GURL: When you’re not showing off those vocal skills, how do you like to pass the time?

Vangelis: I do practice singing a lot, I have to to maintain my voice and keep it healthy but I love going out to eat and spending time with friends. I think this year, I’ve really missed those things and will be going out a lot more when everything goes back to normal, I’ll be saying yes to a lot more things. 

GURL: Do you have a signature dish when it comes to cooking?

Vangelis: Hmmm, I do cook octopus well. Bit random I know but I don’t place it in water I just cook it in a quarter cup of olive oil and garlic and let it steam with the lid on for 30 mins and it’s amazing! 

GURL: We’ll be coming round when the pandemic is over to give it a taste, we’ll bring dessert.

GURL: If you could become a genderfuck Disney Princess – who would you choose?

Vangelis: When I was younger I would have 100% said The Little Mermaid, but there something about the sea that is really scary to me now…the unknown! 

GURL: Well that’s Halloween 2021 sorted!

GURL: Finally, can you recommend two fellow amazing queer artists for ourselves and our readers to check out?

Vangelis: Fantasy Qween who is Veronica Green’s brother and drag artist. Also, my friend Fern Angel Beattie who writes poetry. 

GURL: Fantastic, thank you!

Make sure you check out “Throw Me” right away and give it a download! You can also find the gorgeous Vangelis over on Instagram below:

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Photo Credit: Kim Hardy Photography
Photo Credit: Kim Hardy Photography
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